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Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs, an Idea with Benefits for Retailers

  • Specialty Retail. Gift cards and loyalty programs can increase awareness and visibility of your niche market. Do you sell jewelry What if you gave your customers a $50 gift card or discount card when they leave without buying … would they be tempted to return?
  • Car dealerships. You went on a test drive with them, but they didn’t buy. Would a $250 gift card offer incentive to come back to you when they are ready?
  • Restaurant. Gift cards are a great way to spread the word about your business. Loyalty program rewards can be tailored to promote selected menu items. Upscale restaurants can provide gift cards for luxury gift-giving, and develop generous loyalty programs for their most valuable customers.
  • Coffee Shops. A perfect business for gift and loyalty cards. Use them to make your business part of your customers’ daily routine. With our no-transaction fee model, you can actually afford to implement a loyalty program.
  • Furniture Stores. Gift cards can be used like coupons, providing a discount on big-ticket items. Great for marketing campaigns.
  • Golf Courses. Use gift cards for golf rounds, pro shop merchandise, and bar menu items. The perfect gift for any golfer. Use loyalty rewards to keep your tee sheet fully booked during off-peak times.
  • Video Rental. Everyone rents videos. Gift cards let your customers purchase a no-risk gift for their friends and relatives. Loyalty programs keep your customers coming back for that extra video reward, or for free popcorn. It’ll help you compete when Blockbuster moves in next door.
  • Tanning and Spa. Prepaid, gift, and loyalty cards are a terrific revenue enhancer for this business. Gift cards are a way to bring in customers who otherwise might not take advantage of your service. Sell them to your regular customers as a way to provide a luxury gift to their friends and relatives. Imagine the husband who wants to treat his wife to a day at the Spa. PatronPal can help you fulfill this.
  • Hair Salons. Your regular customers like your service. Let them bring in new business by purchasing gift cards for their friends and relatives.
  • Fund Raising. Help your local not-for-profit organization by providing special gift cards at a discount, which they then sell at a mark-up to raise money for their cause.
  • VIP Cards. Combine your gift card and loyalty programs by offering special VIP gift cards to your best customers.
  • Employee Incentives. Gift cards are a great way to reward your most valuable employees. Cards can be customized according to the type of reward, and provide a constant reminder of the employee’s value to the organization.
  • Event Marketing. Use gift cards to attract customers to a grand opening or similar event. Gift cards can be used to make the public aware of your business, and to give them a sample of your offerings.

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